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The Division of Christian Education Accreditation and Credentials (DCEAC) is a ministry of the Sunday School Publishing Board. The DCEAC provides direction and oversight to the Christian Leadership Schools (CLS) program, a program of study that supports the National Baptist Convention at all levels, locally and nationally.

The DCEAC provides evaluation and accrediting support for courses taught under the covering of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Likewise, the DCEAC provides and sets the standards for instructors and administrators connected with the CLS program. All instructors and deans are certified through the DCEAC. Likewise, all schools are accredited through the DCEAC.

Courses taught through the CLS are designed to benefit Christian educators, pastors and ministers, and individuals who desire to increase their knowledge and proficiency in the work of the Church. The Christian education web site is designed to assist students, teachers and administrators as they study and teach the Word of God and related subjects through the Christian Leadership School system.